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Money Talks.
Let’s Change the Conversation.

Money Talks.
Let’s Change the Conversation.

Social Justice Investing

RISE advances racial justice, gender equity, environmental sustainability, and responsible corporate behavior using an innovative investment model. Our model uses investment knowledge, community decision-making, and input from impacted communities to ensure your investment dollars generate both individual and collective good.

We invest your money to advance causes such as:

Corporate Citizenship

Gender Equity

Racial Justice

LGBTQ+ Equality

Fair Labor

Human Safety

Clean Air & Water

Environmental Sustainability

Animal Welfare

Have $50,000 or more to invest?

About Us

RISE was created and is run by Robasciotti & Philipson, a firm that is majority owned and operated by women, people of color, and members of the LGBTQ+ community. Through RISE, we build bridges that bring the investment industry into deep alignment with social justice movements.

Our Strategy

RISE uses the industry’s first community-developed investing criteria and seeks to balance financial and social returns. The RISE Community centers the voices of those most impacted by systems of oppression when defining impact and is comprised of social justice organizations and allies, investors, and investment managers.

Get additional information about the RISE screens, strategy, and process.

Our Process

RISE portfolios are constructed by applying the community-developed RISE Social Screen to an underlying index of publicly traded equities. Underlying data sources for screening include both commercially available ESG data and data provided by reputable social justice NGOs. We use cutting-edge data science and proprietary algorithms to analyze millions of data points from multiple sources across the spectrum of key sustainability issues and minimize tracking error against the underlying benchmark.

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